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with Amanda Beirne Kinesiologist

We continue The How To Series, talking to Kinesiologist, Amanda Beirne.

Amanda’s Clinic is based online and also on the very beautiful Indonesian island Bali where she currently lives. Life experience and the desire to get to the root of her issues led to a healing process she needed to share with others.

Her belief in the healing power of what she does is truly inspiring. Through this blog, Amanda shares her life and career journey. Along with some information for those thinking of a career in Kinesiology. Or those you want to further understand more about its healing power and the ability to find the root cause. There’s also some terrific advice on How To Reflect On Your Day and ask yourself some hard questions!

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“I was healing and I just knew I needed to share it with others.”

Amanda, summarise your career in one word:


Talk us through your career journey

I spent years suffering from constant symptoms,  intolerances, anxiety and depression, I always knew that life wasn’t meant to be so hard. What I couldn’t understand was why everyone else seemed to think it was normal or okay. 

I began searching for a better understanding which led me to Kinesiology. Which has completely changed my life. It helped me find the answers I needed to find freedom from all those symptoms that did not serve me. I was healing and I just knew I needed to share it with others. There are so many people out there still searching for their understanding and real help to heal. 

I studied at the Kinesiology College of Ireland under Ger Casey, The Faculty of Kinesiology for Ireland. Completed modules by Wayne Topping and completed practical clinic days with Ger in her clinic.  Over the last 8 years, I have spent six of them supporting children with ASD and two years helping people to heal through my clinic. I feel very passionate about supporting people overcoming phobias, anxiety, grief, digestive issues, allergies and intolerances. I also help with physical pain, hormonal imbalances and many more symptoms that affect daily life.

What is the most rewarding thing about working for yourself?

This is an aspect I recently noted. It was something that I had been taken for granted. As I rose before dawn with my mind at peace, fully present and ready to apply myself to my meditation, QiGong practice and then take myself off to a cafe in Bali. I was excited, as always, to check in with clients from the day before. Then suddenly I got a flashback to times when this lifestyle was what I longed for. 

I realised it is so much more than I could ever have imagined it would be. But not for reasons you might think. I always assumed it would be the freedom to take off a Friday afternoon or sleep in if I wanted. It’s actually the feeling of being fully present in all I do. 

It’s the mental space that it offers me. The connection and personal touches in each relationship. It’s the joy I get from each aspect of the job that would have just been a tick the box exercise before. The sense of purpose and feeling that I am living from my truth. Which gives me so much more capacity to show up for others. And the time to reflect on all of this, to help me to remain grateful for it all.

Tell us about your career highs

A big high point was taking a leap of faith and deciding to quit my job to study Kinesiology. There have been many other highs throughout my career and life in general. A lot of them come from the happiness I get from seeing my clients at the end of our sessions. They physically look healthier, more relaxed, younger and happier. There are no words to describe this feeling.

The incredible words that clients express in thanks are such a boost. I am overwhelmed by the sense of gratitude I have when they share how much their sessions have improved their life. A client’s referral means so much. Mainly because you know it was shared because they are supporting another human being. We are all connected and underneath it all, we just wish well for others. 

Another career high would be the decision to move my life across the world to Bali. It has been an exciting transition. As was the choice to move my clinic online this year. 

Can you tell me a little bit more about what it is like to live in Bali?

It’s hard to truly convey my love for Bali. To acknowledge how lucky I am but still stay true to myself that it has not all been beach walks and sunsets.

Aside from Mosquito bites and being drained from the humidity. It has brought up some huge situations. I chose to see these as opportunities to take on but there were many times I wanted to run and hide. These situations offered huge growth and insight. To benefit from them, I needed to step up and do the hard work. Which is all the harder to do, when family and friends back home struggle to understand that, “Yes, I still have problems and I am complaining, even though I am in beautiful Bali!”

So when I was feeling guilty for having so much time, I sat with it and got to know it. I felt the heaviness of it that weighed me down. Wondering why I was entitled to this freedom over others. Or when I felt incredibly lucky to have a husband that offers me space and love to grow. As well as knowing when to challenge and push me. I searched for my self worth to find out why I felt like being loved made me feel like a ‘bad person’.

These situations regularly popped up. While these are not specific to Bali, they are specific to what I came out here for. I wanted to experience another side to life, but I didn’t realise how full on it would be. 

When 90% of our thoughts are the same from one day to the next. Moving my life to the other side of the world, shook all my beliefs and thought patterns. So I decided that my new world needed refreshing and I created new positive beliefs that served me. This allowed me to create coping skills that now support me. They offer me freedom and joy. As well as knowing that I have tools to rely on if things get tough. 

They say two types of people come to Bali. The ones that are ready for a challenge or change, and the ones that are not. The latter are chewed up and spat out!!

How are you finding running your business online?

I was unsure about moving online at first. I was still operating from old limiting beliefs that kept me stuck in the past. I convinced myself and others it just wasn’t an option, without even considering it. If only I knew a Kinesiologist that worked with limiting belief! 

I then had my own Kinesiology session and saw that it was fear of change holding me back. I started with the small steps, such as not completely shutting it down. I looked into getting my materials over here and launched my website with The Ungraceful Guide. I took the time to understand the logistics of zoom calls, work around time zones and availing of the vital IT support from Arlene. All alternative options to physical techniques that I would normally do in the clinic.

I then updated my clients that my six months travelling was now my new normal and got them booked in online. In hindsight, it was a much easier process than I made out. 

The sessions run with such ease. The feedback and results from my clients have been incredible. I am delighted to have faced this head-on and found a way through. It has opened my clinic up to endless opportunities. As well as being able to reach and help people all over the world.

Tell us about your career lows

Building a clinic is a slow process. It’s hard, especially in a world that focuses on logical and quantifiable statistics. Emotion and our emotional state can be harder to quantify which leaves Kinesiology ‘questionable’ to some.

I sometimes have this hurt feeling as I was often left trying to ‘convince’ people of the benefits of what I do. It can feel so personal. I knew I only ever wanted to share the incredible health benefits with others. I will continue to do exactly this because I truly believe in the healing power of Kinesiology.

What’s your typical day like?

Each day I look forward to meditation followed by some Taoism practices. Then it’s on to the gym. Right now I am learning to move like a child again with a full range of mobility. This is a lot of fun. We do a series of tumbles and balance work while throwing balls around with friends. 

As I am in Bali, my work office changes daily. I tend to work from cafes to get out and about. Mornings are spent being creative with social media content, marketing strategy and blogs. As well as attending to any enquiries and bookings.

My afternoons are for my clinic appointments which now consists of zoom calls. During these sessions, I use muscle testing with my clients. This helps to find the root cause of their issues. Each session is followed up with an email so the client has something to refer back to. As well as giving them strategies to use at home to create balance and healing that is individual to them.

I like to bring my day to a close with a walk on the beach and a coconut. Actively closing my workday so that I can keep on top of my health and energy.

Can you tell me some more about Muscle Testing?

Muscle testing online works through surrogate muscle testing. Meaning I test myself for the client. Some people can find it difficult to get their head around this which is understandable. However, the feedback has been brilliant and clients are delighted with their results

Why did you decide to get into your line of work?

It was such a breath of fresh air for me to find a  practice that was long term and root cause treatments for true holistic healing. I was so tired of treating symptoms and just ‘living with it’! I was incredibly motivated to learn everything I could. 

The gift I received from my healing and the relief inspired me to want to share my learnings with others. People like me that were looking to overcome anxiety, a  low mood or sick of bloating and digestive pain. Those who feel lost when they are told their symptoms are caused by stress. Then never given a  solution or any indication which stressor was the problem.

What do you love about your job?

Each session amazes me. The muscle testing leads me to a place that is individual to the client. That could be anywhere from trauma in childhood, to feeling tired from lack of specific nutrition. When a client shares with me how significant what we have identified is for them, it is always so spot on with fine detail. 

It gives huge insight into a person so that they can make sense of issues. Really understanding why certain things are linked or related to each other. The person feels truly understood and seen. The process reassures clients that they are on the right path. Sometimes they just need some guidance to make sense of it all. They often even laugh at the irony of it all.

What’s your least favourite task?

I often feel like I have failed a person when they can’t fully understand the potential Kinesiology has in supporting them with their issue. I have learnt it’s not for everyone. We are all on our own path. But I am still working on not feeling like I have failed someone who is looking to heal but don’t recognise the benefits.

What’s your favourite task?

Muscle testing. It simply feeds my soul. Being able to offer a clear cut, root causes for people. As much of the work is in YIN (feminine, about slowing down, learning to be softer on ourselves), it is so nice to have the balance of the YANG, (the masculine that is logical, quantifiable, and scientific (biofeedback)).

If you weren’t in your current career, what would you be doing?

I’d probably still be teaching children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). I loved working with children with ASD and I still do sometimes. I often work with some of the kiddies I use to teach through Kinesiology to support their behaviour, emotional regulation, sleep and nutrition. It’s so rewarding and lovely to see them grow through the support and work we do together.

What advice would you like to give anyone looking to start a career in your industry?

Know why you are getting into it!! There is no place for ego or ulterior motives. Clients do not come to me for Kinesiology, they come to me because they trust that I understand. They will see right through anyone who doesn’t. 

Fatigue, panic attacks, brain fog, feeling stuck or constant worry can completely drain people of who they are. People lose the will to fight or find answers. But when they connect with me and my story they trust that there is hope. 

Someone getting into this industry needs to know how vulnerable we all are under all the external coping skills. Working with clients needs to meet clients needs. Not what the practitioner thinks they might need. The client always knows best for themselves, we as practitioners just need to provide the space and offer the support of techniques to allow the healing.

Share some how to tips you learnt over the years

It is important to take time to reflect on your day. Write down what isn’t working for you such as things like:

Always running 5 mins late, finding making a decision hard, doing too much for others, always saying sorry, feeling like a pushover, relying on antihistamines, avoiding your favourite foods to avoid bloating etc. 

Whatever it is, write it down! However, don’t rush to change it. The key is to create awareness first. 

Then take note of:

How often does this happen daily?

How does it affect other parts of your life?

How does it impact your decisions, relationships, goals?

Perhaps bloating affects the food you choose, the clothes you wear, your energy, the places you go to eat. 

Which annoys your friends or partner, affects your sleep or prevents you from going to the gym. 

Which gets you down. 

It’s important to know the full scale of the negative impacts before rushing to change it. Then you can look at what will work for you to improve it. This will set you up to succeed and support you when things get tough during the transition stage.

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